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Separation and Divorce


Separation or divorce is a major event in anyone’s life and there are are ways of working through the practical and emotional issues. At Positive Solutions we can help you with strategies to adjust during this time and work towards a fresh start.

A mixture of emotions can be felt in a relationship breakup. These emotions can include guilt, relief, anxiety and anger. It is also natural to feel exposed and have many questions in relation to separation, family law and divorce.

What services are available?

Our experienced counsellors are able to provide you with support through your separation. This support may be about hurt feelings, problems between you and your partner or another person in the family, new living arrangements and issues relating to the care of your children and financial adjustments. For further information about these services please see family law counselling or post separation counselling for more information.

Our experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are able to assist you and your partner in parenting and/or property matters. This service is known as family mediation and is a requirement for parenting under the Family Law Act. For more information about family mediation services please click here.

What will it cost?

Positive Solutions can provide separation services in a number of areas on a sliding scale based on your income. For more information on costs or to make an appointment please contact our office.

Do you provide services over the phone or online?

We have found that in most instances separation services provided face-to-face is most effective but know that sometimes you may not be able to visit one of our locations. To organise counselling support via phone or online please contact us

When will I be able to get an appointment?

Waiting times for an appointment vary according to the current level of demand and your availability.

To make an appointment call  03 6223 5612.

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