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Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution or mediation can assist you and your family to cope with the upheaval of separation and divorce. This includes decisions for post-separation parenting and/or property division.

At Positive Solutions, our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can assist you by providing helpful information, resources and facilitated negotiation. This may relate to parenting, grand parenting, property and financial matters. Our child centred service keeps children’s best interests at the core of all negotiations.

When should I access family dispute resolution or mediation services?

If you are thinking of separating or have made a decision to separate, you can contact our service to book an appointment with an FDRP who will assist you with information and resources.

If you’re seeking Consent Orders regarding your children, FDR is a mandatory (with some exceptions) first step.

What happens in the mediation process?

  1. Intake: You will attend a confidential individual intake session with the FDRP who will discuss your needs and concerns, gather relevant details into the history of the issues. They will also talk to you about your children and discuss the next steps.
  2. Pre-mediation: You will attend a further individual session to assist you to define your agenda and to help you to prepare to participate in the joint session.
  3. Dispute Resolution or mediation: Both parties attend a joint* session where they identify the issues in dispute, develop options and proposals and work towards reaching agreement. Subsequent sessions may be required to address the issues. *The option of Shuttle mediation- or mediation in separate spaces- can be discussed with your practitioner.
  4. Agreement signing: Where FDR results in an agreement your FDRP will draft a parenting plan or property agreement which you are invited to sign and date.
  5. If the FDR process is unable to proceed your FDRP will issue you with a 60I certificate.

What will it cost?

Your first individual session is free. Positive Solutions receives funding to provide FDR services and our costs are calculated in relation to your income. Please contact us for more information.

How do I attend?

Positive Solutions has offices across Tasmania and appointments are available face to face, via phone or online.

What is an Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)?

FDRPs have qualifications in social sciences, conflict management and law. They are accredited, and registered with the Attorney Generals Department.

FDRPs do not impose decisions or give advice. They assist you to identify your needs and concerns, explore and develop options and proposals, and guide your discussions towards future focussed decision making.

To find our more information or to make an apppointment please contact us.

This activity received grant funding from the Australian Government.

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