Family Dispute Resolution – Parenting

Family Dispute Resolution or Parenting mediation provides separating parents with an opportunity to discuss and make decisions about all aspects of their children’s lives. Separation is not necessarily harmful for children but on-going conflict has long term impacts on their emotional and psychological development. Learning to manage parental conflict, establishing ways of communicating that are safe and productive and agreeing on a Parenting Plan that reflects your children’s needs can benefit the whole family.

What is discussed in family dispute resolution or parenting mediation?

  • How to support children through separation
  • Parental communication
  • Time arrangements including school term, holidays and special days
  • School related issues
  • Contact with extended family members and significant others
  • Decision making
  • Financial concerns
  • Managing future conflicts
  • Blending families
  • Special needs

What is a parenting plan?

If you are able to reach agreement about parenting matters, your FDRP will draft a parenting plan which records agreements about time arrangements, how you will communicate and make decisions, education related topics, managing costs related to children, travel, emergencies and any other areas that are relevant to your family. A parenting plan is not legally binding but will be given consideration by the court if signed and dated.

Can my child/ren attend?

Positive Solutions does not support children attending family dispute resolution or mediation as exposure to conflict can be damaging for them.

If you are interested in how we make it possible for your children to be involved, please see our page on Child Inclusive Practice.

What is the cost?

Positive Solutions can provide post-separation services on a sliding scale based on your income. For more information on costs please contact our office on 6223 5612.

How do I find out further information or make an appointment?

If you require further information on family dispute resolution or family mediation or want to make an appointment please contact us.

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