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Mediation Services

Our mediation services can assist you in resolving disputes and reaching mutually effective agreements. It a voluntary and confidential process which is the preferred alternative to the costly and potentially damaging legal process.

At Positive Solutions we offer a range of mediation services including:

  • Family Dispute Resolution or mediation including mediation for parenting, grand parenting and property matters.
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Community Mediation
  • Elder Mediation

Who can access mediation services?

  • Parents and Grandparents impacted by family separation
  • Employers and Employees
  • Community organisations
  • Elder citizens and their family and friends

What is mediation?

Mediation offers assistance -via facilitation from a third party – to those who are in conflict to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome. Mediators support participants to identify the issues in dispute, agree on an agenda for discussion, develop options and put forward proposals. The discussions in the mediation process aim to promote understanding and assist the parties to identify needs and interests which aids them in reaching their agreements. Mediators do not give advice or impose decisions. Where agreements are unable to be reached, parties will be referred to appropriate support services.

Why use a mediation service?

Through mediation you are often able to resolve disputes faster and save on legal costs. There are a number of other significant benefits of mediation and they include:

  1. Greater Control.Mediation increases your control over the input and the outcome. Each party is able to be directly involved in shaping and negotiating their own agreement. This is in contrast to court where judgements are made by an external person and are non-negotiable.
  2. Faster outcome. Waiting times for mediation and the average number of sessions required to reach agreement compares favourably with the legal process which can be expensive and protracted.
  3. Reduced Costs. Mediation is priced to be affordable for all people across the income spectrum. Initial consultations are free and subsequent appointments scaled according to your income.
  4. Confidentiality. Family dispute resolution or mediation has ‘privilege’ under the Family Law Act. This means that anything disclosed in mediation is inadmissible in the court.
  5. Voluntary. Although family dispute resolution or mediation is mandatory, parties are able to withdraw from the process at any time. 
  6. Support. The mediator will act as a facilitator who supports each party through the mediation process. Mediators are trained to facilitate situations of conflict and to remain focussed on the objectives of the session.
  7. Preservation of Relationships. Whether it is a workplace or family dispute, a key benefit of mediation is the enhancement and preservation of relationships. Mediation aims to assist participants to focus on effective communication and a future focus rather than investment in the conflict.

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