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Mediation Services

Whether you are a member of a family, an employee, employer or a member of the community wanting to resolve a conflict, we can provide mediation services to suit your needs. We can assist you in resolving disputes and to reach mutually workable agreements.

At Positive Solutions we offer a range of mediation services including:

  • Family mediation, which includes mediation for parenting and property matters.
  • Workplace Mediation and Facilitation.
  • Community Mediation
  • Elder Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation or conciliation is a process where you receive assistance from a third party, being a mediator to assist those who are in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome. This happenns through our experienced mediators facilitating discussions. The discussions in the mediation process aim to promote understanding and assist the parties to identify needs and interests which aids in reaching their own agreements.

If all of the parties do not agree to the outcome the dispute will remain unresolved. This is different to court or arbitration where a solution becomes imposed.

The mediation process allows for parties control over the way their dispute or difference is dealt with. If negotiations have been previously unsuccessful, mediation offers an alternative to litigation.

Why use a Mediation Service?

Often in mediations you are able to resolve disputes faster and save on legal There are a number of other significant benefits of mediation and they include:

  1. Greater Control. Mediation increases the control over the resolution. Each party is able to be directly involved in negotiating their own agreement and there will be no settlement that can be imposed upon you. This is in comparison to court where often there is a judgement made which you have little choice but to accept, whether you are happy or not.
  2. Faster outcome.  Mediation is usually used early in a dispute which results in an agreement being reached quicker than through the court system. 
  3. Reduced Costs. The cost  of mediation is signicantly less than in comparison with trying to settle a matter through court. 
  4. Its confidential. Unlike the potential publicity of court proceedings, discussions held in mediation are entirely confidential to the parties, unless they specifically agreed otherwise. 
  5. It’s voluntary. Parties are able to withdraw from the process at any time. 
  6. Support. A mediator will act as a facilitator who supports each party through the mediation process. Due to their training mediators are able to facilitate difficult situations.
  7. Preservation of Relationships. No matter whether it is a workplace or family dispute, a key benefit of mediation is to preserve relationships. This is as mediation will help participants focus on effective communication rather than attacking each other.