Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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We offer individual and relationship counselling as well as a range of specialised counselling services.

Counsellors don’t tell you what to do or judge you, nor do they encourage you toward a particular outcome. Counsellors listen, reflect and can support you with practical strategies.

Family and relationship counselling

Counselling can help families and couples:

  • Understand the current relationship and how they feel about one another;
  • Explore issues and challenges; and
  • Consider what each person is willing to do to work through the issues.

Counselling for separating relationships and families

Counselling for separating relationships and families can assist:

  • Separating couples work through and resolve past issues and hurt;
  • Identify how a separating couple wants their separation to look;
  • Separating families make decisions in the best interests of children when considering or planning a separation; and
  • Families members address and work through issues whether they are parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren or siblings.

Positive Solutions is the Tasmanian branch of Step-Families Australia and can support:

  • All members of step-families express their wishes, concerns and issues with a goal to a greater understanding and pathway for working together as a blended family; and
  • Step-family members gain support and practical strategies for managing step-family issues.
A few things to know before you call;
  • For couples and families, it is important you each have an individual confidential session with counsellor before the counsellor arranges to have a session with all.
  • We try to make sure you and your counsellor are the right fit so we will ask a few questions to ensure we pair you with the right professional.

To make an appointment call  03 6223 5612.