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Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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Workplace Mediation 

Workplace Mediation offers an effective and inclusive process for dealing with workplace conflict. Our experienced mediators are impartial and assist parties to reach fair and workable agreements which are consistent with workplace policies and relevant legislation.

Workplace Mediation is a collaborative, problem solving process that assists the parties to resolve the issues in dispute. It is voluntary and confidential.

What is the process of Workplace Mediation?

  • Parties attend a one hour confidential individual intake appointment with the mediator.
  • Parties attend a two hour mediation.
  • Subsequent sessions may be required to resolve the issues.
  • A written summary of agreements is provided to the parties and their workplace.

To find out more about our workplace mediation and facilitation processes, download our Workplace Mediation Fact Sheet.

Who can refer?

  • Managers seeking support and assistance to help resolve conflict or workplace issues which may be impacting on work relationships.
  • Employees- subject to endorsement from their workplace.
  • Doctors- for example through a workers compensation medical certificate.
  • Workers Compensation insurers in relation to psychological injury issues.
  • Workplace rehabilitation providers.

What happens in the mediation process?

You will be assisted to:

  • State what you wish to discuss
  • Share information about the history of the dispute
  • Identify any problem areas
  • Negotiate options and proposals
  • Define agreements and designate issues needing further discussion.

Do you provide services over the phone or online?

Our mediation services are available face to face, via phone or online. Our experienced mediators are skilled in all delivery modes and are able to work with any platform. 

To make an appointment call us on  (03) 6223 5612.