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Critical Incidents

Psychological support for sudden, unexpected and potentially traumatic incidents

Positive Solutions provides a timely, tailored approach to supporting staff and management to recover after a critical incident. Our team will assist you in developing a suitable and proportionate response to minimise the impact of a critical incident on your workplace. Group and individual support is available, and multiple on-site visits can be arranged to enable shift working staff to access support.

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Practical Psychological Support

Positive Solutions’ trained practitioners can attend on-site or via TEAMs to assist staff and management in the wake of potentially traumatic events and reduce psychological hazards in the workplace. Positive Solutions will also provide a follow up call and recommendations to management on how to best support themselves and their staff moving forward from the critical incident.

Common examples of critical incidents include:

  • Fatalities
  • Verbal or physical assault
  • Workplace accident
  • Serious mental or physical illnesses
  • Sensitive organizational change

Critical Incident support provides the opportunity for assistance to management and team leaders, aiding these staff to both manage their own responses, and help support their employees. Positive Solutions’ staff provide practical psychological support in accordance with the principles of the evidence-based psychological first aid approach, and will never compel an individual to partake in the service.

Please note that in accordance with the principles of Psychological First Aid (PFA), Positive Solutions does not encourage debriefing in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident. In alliance with best practice, Positive Solutions will endeavor to attend onsite 48-72 hours following a critical incident, rather than immediate attendance in the hours following a critical incident.

Universal provision of single-session psychological debriefing following a critical incident is not supported by evidence and may increase the risk of adverse outcomes. Rather, psychological support 48-72 hours after an event, providing individuals with support and coping strategies without compelling disclosure of emotional responses, assists individuals to manage following challenging situations.

Management are encouraged to support their staff in the hours following a critical incident by:

  • Sending affected staff home where possible
  • Encouraging accessing EAP
  • Encouraging staff to engage with their social networks
  • Refraining from commenting on varying styles of coping strategies staff may employ

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