FAQs – Counselling

Positive Solutions has complied a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about counselling. If your question was not answered here and you have been unable to find an answer please contact us.

What happens at counselling?

Counselling is way for you to explore your feelings and emotions in a safe and confidential environment. Counselling can help you examine your options and the possible consequences of any actions.

How do I know my child or teenager would benefit from counselling?

Every person is different and you know your child and/or teenager the best. If your child or teenager’s mood and emotional reactions to things seem out of the ordinary or you have a feeling that something is wrong, trust your instinct. The sooner any issues are dealt with, the better the outcome.

Can I change to a different counsellor?

We do our best to match you with a counsellor to ensure your needs are met. If the fit isn’t quite right, we can match you with another counsellor to better suit your needs.

If you haven’t tried counselling before, feel free to make an appointment without feeling like you have to keep seeing the person you had your appointment with. It’s okay to try a number of different sessions with different counsellors until you feel you have found someone you can work with.