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Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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About Us

Positive Solutions Vision:

To achieve greater harmony within relationships and resolve conflict in the community.

Positive Solutions Mission:

To specialise in mediation, counselling and other facilitative processes in Family Dispute Resolution and Employee Assistance Programs.

Positive Solutions Service Delivery:

As Dispute Resolution and Counselling specialists Positive Solutions:

  1. helps clients reach agreements which are practical, realistic, fair and in keeping with relevant legislation
  2. provides employees and their families with practical and emotional support
  3. actively promotes access to our services for the vulnerable and disadvantaged

Positive Solutions Values:

  1. Integrity: We believe in honest, professional and ethical management of all our cases
  2. Equity: Our service is available to ALL members of our community, with assistance given to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged
  3. Quality Service: As specialists in dispute resolution and counselling we strive to employ and develop the highest quality staff to provide the best possible service to our clients
  4. Respectfulness: The right of each individual to be treated with respect and compassion is a priority of our service delivery

Access & Equity Family Program Policy

Positive Solutions is committed to providing quality services in Hobart and Launceston to meet the needs of clients in all their diversity, regardless of:

  1. age
  2. fee paying capacity
  3. gender
  4. race
  5. ethnicity
  6. distance
  7. disability
  8. political persuasion

For the purposes of this policy, “access” means making it possible for a diverse range of people to gain access to current and future services.  This may include, but is not limited to, specified client target groups as identified by the Board and/or Grant providers as part of specific service contracts entered into.

For the purpose of this policy, “equity” means the removal of barriers which would prevent a satisfactory client and/or organisational outcome.  It means the creation of an environment which is fair, non-discriminatory and harassment free. It means the development of an organisational culture where all are committed to these processes.

Client’s Rights Policy

Subject to legal requirements, individuals or groups who use the services of Positive Solutions have the right to:

  1. be treated with respect for their individual human worth, dignity and privacy (according to the Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality in our Family and EAP programs);
  2. access services without discrimination;
  3. be informed about other available services and options;
  4. be referred on to other appropriate services as required;
  5. pursue any complaint about service provision without retribution;
  6. refuse services offered if they do not meet their needs, or withdraw from participation in a mediation or counselling session at any stage if they choose to do so.

To ensure that these rights are respected, Positive Solutions will:

  1. Contain all client records and documentation in a safe, lockable cabinet which is not able to be accessed by any unauthorised person;
  2. Ensure that information about service users is not relayed to any other person, service or agency without the permission of the person to whom the information relates;
  3. Ensure that interviews, mediations, training or counselling sessions are held in a situation that can ensure privacy, safety and confidentiality.

The client is free to access any information about their situation which is recorded and kept by the Service.  Before access is provided, all references to other parties shall be removed.