Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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Positive Solutions is an independent, not-for-profit, community organisation. We offer a range of mediation services including;

  1. Family Mediation which includes mediation for parenting and property matters, step-family mediation and whole of family mediation.
  2. Workplace Mediation & Facilitation
  3. Community Mediation

Whether you are a member of a family, an employee, employer or a member of the community wanting to resolve a conflict, we can provide a dispute resolution service to suit your needs. Our registered, qualified and experienced mediators will help you resolve disputes and reach mutually workable agreements.

For more information about fees and processes please go to; Family Mediation, Workplace Mediation or Community Mediation.