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Elder Mediation

Elder mediation is a voluntary, solution-focussed and person-centred process which aims to enable elder citizens, their families and carers to make decisions which optimise the quality of their lives and relationships.

The aim of Elder mediation is to engender respect and understanding between the parties, to assist with and promote the skills of collaboration. Consideration is given to existing orders such as Guardianship and Power of Attorney.

Who can attend Elder Mediation?

Elder mediation can be initiated by an elder person, their family members or carers including those who hold Guardianship or Power of Attorney and/or medical professionals.

What is discussed in Mediation?

A wide range of issues may be discussed including:

  • Care arrangements that take into account physical, social, cultural, spiritual and emotional needs
  • Communication around coordinating care
  • Future planning
  • Managing conflict within the family and/or support network

What is the process of Elder Mediation?

  • Parties attend a confidential individual session where they can discuss their needs or concerns with the mediator.
  • A joint two hour session is booked where parties are invited to participate in a facilitated negotiation about the issues.
  • Subsequent sessions may be required to discuss all of the issues.
  • A summary of agreements can be provided to participants.

What happens in the mediation session?

You will be assisted to:

  • Communicate the issues for discussion.
  • Share information about the background of the issues or conflict.
  • Identify any problem areas.
  • Negotiate options and proposals.
  • Define agreements and designate issues needing further discussion.

Do you provide services over the phone or online?

Positive Solutions has offices across Tasmania with appointments being available face to face, via phone or online.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about our mediation services and the cost please contact us.