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Community Mediation

Community mediation offers community groups and organisations an impartial process for resolving their disputes.

Participation in mediation can assist in managing conflict arising between individuals within the community or individuals and management of a community organisation. It aims to bring the parties together to discuss and resolve issues in dispute. It is a voluntary and confidential process, with the parties controlling the outcome.

Mediators assist parties to reach fair and workable agreements. Mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial and solution focussed service. Positive Solutions does not provide legal or industrial advice or reports for legal, insurance or tribunal matters.

What is the process of Community Mediation?

  • Parties attend a confidential individual one-hour pre-mediation session with the mediator to identify issues and discuss their preferred outcome.
  • If mediation is deemed to be appropriate, a joint two hour session will be scheduled.
  • Subsequent sessions may be required to negotiate all of the issues.
  • A summary of agreements will be provided to the parties.

What happens in the mediation session?

You will be assisted to:

  • State what you wish to discuss
  • Share information about the history of the dispute
  • Identify any problem areas
  • Negotiate options and proposals
  • Define agreements and designate issues needing further discussion.

Do you provide services over the phone or online?

Positive Solutions has offices across Tasmania and appointments are available face to face, via phone or online.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about our community mediation services please contact us.