Workplace Services

What services are available to help our employees?

At Positive Solutions we tailor our workplace services to your organisation to ensure that your employees can receive the right type of help and assistance. We achieve this through offering high quality and responsive services to your organisations and your employees.

Do I need to be an EAP client to access these services?

Our workplace services can be accessed by any workplace, whether or not you have an EAP Agreement with us.


Our counselling aims to assist the individual in strategies to manage their issue. Our counsellors work within a short-term solution focused, brief intervention framework. This framework is complimented by psychotherapeutic techniques. The focus is on the client’s immediate concerns, fostering self-determination and skill development. This focus is not to promote on-going dependency.

Face-to-face confidential counselling is available at our offices in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. Telephone or online counselling is available for those who are unable to attend our office.

Workplace Support 

At times your staff may need some assistance in dealing with issues which are affecting them as a team. We can provide support sessions for staff at your workplace to help with management of workplace issues.

Training, Information & Awareness Sessions

Positive Solutions offers a variety of tailored training programs, both face-to-face and online, for leaders, managers and employees to manage conflict and develop interpersonal skills in the workplace. Training includes pre-empting and resolving conflicts in the workplace, dealing with difficult situations with clients and customers and creating a tool kit of solution focused strategies.

Upcoming Training

  • Conflict Management for Workplaces – 2nd November 2023 – Hobart. Registrations close by 25th October 2023. Click here for further information or contact us for further information.

Manager/Supervisor Support 

Our Manager and Supervisor support sessions aim to provide strategies to assist your managers in dealing with staff, customer or client issues of a psychological or social nature which are impacting on the workplace.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Positive Solutions provides support to workplaces in serious incidents such as accidents, emergencies, natural disasters and assaults. Our practitioners are skilled at discerning the needs of individuals in these circumstances and provide support, debriefing and referral where on-going assistance is required. Support can be offered on-site, off-site, phone or online.

We also provide a suite of resources for staff to ensure they feel supported and can easily access support following the incident.

Workplace Mediation 

Workplace mediation is effective in resolving conflict between individuals in the workplace. Mediators meet with parties to a dispute in confidential individual sessions before proceeding to a joint mediation session. Further sessions may be required to reach a resolution. Limited feedback is provided to the workplace including a summary of the participants’ agreements and recommendations.


Professional supervision provides support and encouragement to employees and employers to maintain professional excellence and individual well-being through on-going regular individual sessions. Supervision offers participants a chance to reflect on and grow in their area of expertise and focusses on practice issues, administrative aspects of their role, individual, professional and team well-being and developmental goals.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching offers confidential one on one sessions to employees who are in conflict in the workplace. The aim of the sessions is to help participants to gain insight into their situation, identify goals for change that benefit themselves and others and construct a measurable and realistic plan for achieving their objectives. Conflict coaches also assist participants to develop conflict resolution skills. Limited feedback is provided to the employer.


How do I find out more?

For more information please call 03 6223 5612.