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Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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Workplace Mediation & Facilitation

Workplace mediation is a process that assists members of a workplace resolve issues that are in dispute. It is a voluntary and confidential process. Our accredited experienced mediators are impartial, assisting parties to reach fair and workable written agreements. Such agreements aim to be consistent with employer’s policies and relevant legislation.

Workplace Facilitation is a process in which parties difficult conversations are facilitated by an independent, impartial and objective facilitator. The aim of the process is not to reach a written agreement. Rather the aim is to discuss and resolve issues which may result in outcomes that parties’ can apply in the workplace.

  • Positive Solutions Mediators do not provide legal or industrial advice.
  • The role of Mediators is to impartially facilitate discussions and assist parties reach their own agreements.

Things to know before you call;

  • Before a mediation or facilitation with both parties can be scheduled however, each party needs to make an individual intake appointment with a mediator or facilitator for one hour;
  • Mediations and facilitations are two hours in duration.
  • The number of 2 hour mediation sessions required will depend on the issues to be discussed

To find out more about our workplace mediation and facilitation processes, download our Workplace Mediation & Facilitation Fact Sheet.

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