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Community Mediation

Community mediation is a process which usually involves a dispute between individuals in the community, or an individual and management of a community Organisation. It aims to bring the parties together to discuss and resolve issues in dispute. It is a voluntary and confidential process, with the parties controlling the outcome.

Mediators assist parties to reach fair and workable agreements. All parties are advised that mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial approach, and thus Positive Solutions does not provide legal or industrial advice or reports for legal, insurance or tribunal matters.

The process

Each party must have a confidential one-hour pre-mediation session prior to mediation with all parties’ taking place.

If you are the person wanting to initiate mediation, simply book a pre-mediation with a mediator at our office. The mediator will invite the other party to have a pre-mediation in writing at the end of your first pre-mediation.

Once both parties have had a pre-mediation, the mediator will assess whether mediation is appropriate. Many factors are considered when deciding whether the process is appropriate for your situation. If it is deemed appropriate, both parties will be contacted to schedule a two-hour mediation at our office.

The aim of the process is for parties to reach agreements that will be documented in a mediated agreement that is signed by all parties.

How many two-hour mediation sessions will we need?

How many mediation sessions you have will depend on the issues needing to be discussed.