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Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution – Property

Family Mediation or dispute resolution for property is a cost effective option for you to be able to settle your property. Our family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs) are able to assist couples separating or divorcing to reach an agreement regarding financial matters and the settlement of their property.

Unlike parenting matters, property mediation is not mandatory under the Australian Family Law act but is the preferred and affordable option.

What happens in dispute resolution for property?

After initial individual session(s), your FDRP will guide you through a structured discussion to determine the property pool including:

  • Establishing agreed values of all assets
  • Identifying debts and liabilities and who has responsibility for them
  • Calculating net worth
  • Considering non-financial and financial contributions
  • Ascertaining future needs

Once the relevant factors have been identified, your FDRP will facilitate a negotiation based on your options and proposals. This enables you to compare and test these against your financial situation.

Property settlement agreements are not legal documents. They can be used as the basis for legally binding orders such as Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement which is a discrete and separate step.

FDRPs must remain impartial and do not impose decisions or give you advice. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice from a Family Law Specialist in relation to your situation.

You may also be required to seek external expert advice such as independent financial or tax advice or valuations.

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