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Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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Child Inclusive Mediation

Child inclusive mediation or child inclusive practice (CIP) is a way that your children’s voices can heard in the decision making process of separation. Parental separation can be a traumatic time for children as their family structures and familiar routines change. Some children will clearly communicate what they think and feel and others will not. Our child inclusive practitioners assist children to communicate their needs and wishes through impartial and confidential session(s).

What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Child Inclusive Practice provides an opportunity for parents to gain insight into their children’s well-being and assists them to make agreements based on their child’s needs. Bringing children and young people’s voices into post-separation decision making enhances the collaboration between parents, keeping the best interests of the children at the forefront of the mediation and helping them to develop co-operative parenting strategies for the future.

What is the CIP process?

We will assist you in determining whether CIP is appropriate. 

1. Where there is agreement from both parents to proceed, individual sessions are booked with the Child Inclusive Practitioner where they discuss the child/ren and their current situation and explain how they will work with the child/ren in the session.
2. The child/ren attend an individual session(s).
3. The Child Inclusive Practitioner provides feedback to the parents and the FDRP about the child/ren’s session.
4. The information and insights.

What happens in my child/rens session?

Child Inclusive Practice provides an opportunity for children to share their stories through therapeutic play and guided talk with a Child Inclusive Practitioner in a safe and supportive environment. At your individual session, the Child Inclusive Practitioner will discuss the tools and techniques they may use to scaffold the session.

What will it cost?

Positive Solutions can provide separation services in a number of areas on a sliding scale that is based on your income. For more information on the costs please contact our office on 6223 5612.

Do you provide services over the phone or online?

Face to face sessions are most effective in working with children and young people. Parents may attend their sessions face to face, via phone or online.

When will I be able to get an appointment?

Waiting times for an appointment vary according to the current level of demand and your availability.

To make an appointment please contact us.