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Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
Call us on (03) 6223 5612 to make an appointment
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Employee Assistance Program


For Employees looking for support

We offer;

  • Employee Assistance Counselling

Counselling under our Employee Assistance Program is free for employees. Your workplace will have prescribed the number of sessions you can have with us free of charge. Counselling sessions are confidential, no identifying information is provided to your employer. Our experienced counsellors have a wide range of expertise and we can ensure you find the right counsellor for you to work with based on your needs. We can usually fit you in to see a Counsellor within 24 hours of your request for an appointment.

  • Information and Support

We provide information about Depression, Anxiety, Stress in the workplace & how to help a colleague.

  • Information sessions

We can come to your workplace and provide information sessions for your workplace on topics such as ‘stress in the workplace,’  ‘how to manage conflict’ and ‘how to access EAP.’

  • After hours counselling support

A qualified counsellor is available to speak to you free of charge by calling free call 1800 064 039.

To find out more about our employee assistance counselling service or to make an appointment call 03 6223 5612.


For Employers looking to assist your employees

Employee Assistance Services we offer include;

  • Employee Assistance Counselling;

Face-to-face confidential counselling is available at our offices in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. Telephone counselling is available for those who are unable to attend our office.

Our Counsellors work within a short-term solution focused, brief intervention framework that compliments psychotherapeutic techniques. The focus is on the client’s immediate concerns, fostering self-determination and skill development so as to not promote on-going dependency.

  • Employee Assistance information & awareness sessions for staff;

We come to your workplace to help staff understand how to access their employee assistance services and what they are able to access. We also provide sessions on topics such as ‘stress in the workplace,’ ‘understanding and managing conflict in the workplace’ and ‘managing change.’

  • Manager/Supervisor support sessions;

Support sessions for Managers and Supervisors dealing with staff, client and/or customer challenges of a psychological or social nature.

  • Workplace group counselling support sessions for staff;

We can provide group counselling or support sessions for staff at your workplace to help with management of workplace issues.

  • Serious Incident stress management;

Following a serious incident in the workplace we can provide on-site, off-site or phone counselling to staff directly or indirectly impacted by the incident. We also provide a suite of resources for staff to ensure they feel supported and can easily access support following the incident.


For more information please call 03 6223 5612.