Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP counselling is usually provided free to staff under a contract arrangement with the employer. The counselling is confidential, and your employer need not know who has come, nor any detail of the service (unless you specifically want us to provide a report).

Counselling is short-term (3-4 sessions) and is designed to help you solve problems, meet challenges, and improve relationships. The contract with the employer usually includes counselling for your spouse/partner/dependent children if they want to access the service.

Browse through the Counselling section for tips and strategies to handle different issues, but remember: there is nothing better than meeting with a counsellor to focus on you and your unique situation.

If the issues cannot be resolved through short term work like this, we will help you find the right place to go next.

Your Employee Assistance Program

From time to time, we all have to deal with difficult or stressful events in our lives. Usually we deal with these personal challenges fairly well on our own. However, there are times when our problems can become significant enough that they begin to interfere with our personal effectiveness, happiness and safety – at work, and at home.

Your Employee Assistance Program from Positive Solutions can help you address these problems, providing both support and professional guidance. It is a free, voluntary and confidential counselling service for a broad range of work related and personal issues, including:

  • Conflict at work 
  • Stress at work 
  • Restructure / redundancy 
  • Career planning and development 
  • Bullying and harassment 
  • Workload issues 
  • Serious incident at work 
  • Difficult customers / clients / colleagues 
  • Life / work balance 
  • Family Relationships 
  • Difficulties with separation 
  • Grief and loss 
  • Change 
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression 
  • Care for family members 
  • Interpersonal conflict

Positive Solutions counsellors are interested in assisting you to address problems through listening, discussion of options, and in working with you to implement the solution you choose. Depending on the issue, your counsellor may also refer you for specialist assistance.

The Employee Assistance Program is free

There is no charge to employees for the counselling provided by Positive Solutions. You will be informed how many sessions you will be entitled to by your counsellor at your first session. If your counsellor refers you to a specialist resource, the cost of that treatment is your responsibility.

Confidential support

No details regarding your enquiry or participation in the Employee Assistance Program are released, regardless of whether you arrange the counselling directly, or it is recommended via your Supervisor or Human Resources section. Reporting to your organisation about overall utilisation of the program is done through general non identifying usage data only, with no names or personal details provided.

Your Supervisor’s role

Your supervisor or manager may notice if your work performance is suffering and will understand that sometimes there may be personal or work-related problems behind this.
In these situations your supervisor may discuss your work performance and consider whether to recommend outside counselling. The aim is to support you to regain improved health and work performance. Whether or not an employee decides to participate in the program remains a voluntary decision.

Participation is up to you

Your participation in the Employee Assistance Program is voluntary and confidential. It will not affect job security, employment status or promotional opportunities. Your organisation supports your decision to participate in the program.

How do I become involved?

You can contact Positive Solutions direct, or your supervisor may recommend the program to you, assisting you to make an appointment. In either case your decision to seek assistance through Positive Solutions is voluntary.

Appointment availability

Positive Solutions will endeavour to organise a counselling session for you, at a time that suits you. Normal office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Counselling outside these hours can be organised, subject to counsellor availability.

In emergency, contact can be made through the same telephone number, 24 hours a day. Calls outside office hours will be diverted to a Positive Solutions on call counsellor.


1800 064 039
162 Macquarie St Hobart Tas 7000

Offices in;
Hobart, Launceston, Devonport & Burnie

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For further information or to make a confidential appointment, you can contact Positive Solutions direct on 1800 064 039.

Counselling offices are located in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport. Telephone counselling can be organised for those outside these centres, if required.

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