Positive Solutions provides assistance to employees and employers.

If you are an employee and need assistance at a personal level, firstly see/ask if work has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) agreement with an organisation such as Positive solutions. See the Employee Assistance Program link at the left.

If you are an employer, we may be able to assist in the following areas, click on heading to go to area.


EAP counselling Employee Assistance Programme; now a standard part in many workplaces, EAP counselling provides limited confidential counselling sessions to employees to assist them to operate efficiently in the workplace.
Mediation Mediation is for two or more participants who are experiencing conflict in the workplace. Participants meet individually with the mediator, before a facilitated meeting occurs. Outcome information is provided to management.
Facilitation Facilitation is used when there are larger issues of concern which may involve several parties, a department or an organisation. Examples of previous assistance have been when a business is closing, moving, roster concerns are widespread or conflict is systemic.
Critical Incident and Trauma Debriefing For situations where a critical incident has occurred: including a workplace accident, staff member suicide, we have especially trained staff to assist and advise.
Consultancy with Management Contact for information.

Workplaces are highly individual and we cannot be too descriptive, one or more of the above may be applicable. We suggest a meeting and placing suggestions for you to evaluate on appropriate direction. We may refer you to other services if the above do not fit your situation.

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