Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a process that assists separating couples reach agreements concerning property and parenting. Family Dispute Resolution may also resolve disputes arising between siblings or parents/grandparents and children/grandchildren. Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (Mediators) bring a wide range of skills and experience to our clients with backgrounds in law, counselling, psychology and finance.

The Process

The process for mediation begins with a pre-mediation session. Each party will have a one hour pre-mediation session with a mediator without the other party present. This session is confidential and nothing said in this session is communicated to the other party. It is simply an opportunity for the mediator to hear and understand your issues. Once both parties have attended a pre-mediation session, the mediator will either;

  • Schedule a 2 hour mediation where both parties attend. Mediations at Positive Solutions are conducted within a co-mediation model. This means that two mediators will assist you to work through your issues, explore options and reach agreements.


  • Deem the matter inappropriate for mediation and provide other options that are more suitable and potentially more effective.


The fees for family dispute resolution services are assessed according to the gross annual income of each client. One dollar and fifty cents ($1) is charged for every $1,000 earned per annum. (For example, if you earn $45,000 per annum you will be charged $45 per hour).
An application form can be completed by clients if they experience a genuine inability to pay. The General Manager will review the application and reduce or waive the fee depending on the individual circumstance of the application.



  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (mediators) cannot and do not provide legal advice. Throughout the process, parties are encouraged to seek legal advice from their lawyer.

  • Agreements reached regarding property are documented in a mediation agreement. The agreement once finalised is signed at mediation. Agreements signed at mediation can be converted into consent orders with the Family Court.
  • Agreed spending time and care arrangements can be documented in a parenting plan that is signed by both parties.

  • The signed parenting plan can be converted into consent orders with the Family Court.

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