Community Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) is a process that assists individuals work through issues and reach agreements with the presence of two mediators.

The Process

The process for mediation begins with a pre-mediation session. Each party will have a one hour pre-mediation session with a mediator without the other party present. This session is confidential and nothing said in this session is communicated to the other party. It is simply an opportunity for the mediator to hear and understand your issues. Once both parties have attended a pre-mediation session, the mediator will either;

  • Schedule a mediation where both parties attend. Mediations at Positive Solutions are conducted within a co-mediation model. This means that two mediators will assist you to work through your issues, explore options and reach agreements.


  • Deem the matter inappropriate for mediation and provide other options that are more suitable and potentially more effective.

Issues that are suitable for Community Mediation

Issues suitable for community mediation may include;

  • Disputes between neighbours or individuals who share land/space. Such disputes may be over;

    • Noise
    • Fences/Boundaries
    • Upkeep of gardens or grounds
    • Lifestyle or environmental issues
    • Animals or pets
    • Environmental disturbances,
    • Invasion of Privacy
  • Disputes between friends. Such disputes may be over;

    • Repayment of loans,
    • Trust,
    • Communication

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